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What are the details around health insurance as a student at UCLA?

UCSHIP is a systemwide plan providing health benefits to all enrolled students. All registered students are automatically enrolled in UCSHIP, but if you have comparable insurance and you do not want to keep UCSHIP as dual coverage, you must submit a request to waive enrollment by the specified deadline. 

Explore UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health for more information on student healthcare and insurance or visit

Where can I access mental health services on campus & what does that process look like?

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is the mental healthcare home for UCLA students. Located in John Wooden Center West, CAPS provides comprehensive mental support services including individual & group therapy, psychiatric services, wellness skills groups and more. To schedule an appointment, call 310-825-0768 for a triage assessment. 

How can students engage in community programs and connection around mental health & well-being ?

There are many departments & entities on campus that work to provide engaging programs around community care and mental health. The UCLA RISE Center serves as the campus resilience center, prioritizing wellness and mental health education promotion. There are also dozens of student organizations and on campus programs that consistently engage in well-being support. Feel free to explore the 'Wellness' and 'Community' tags on this site.

As a parent, where should I find information on my student's healthcare & insurance information?

The Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center (The Ashe Center) is devoted to providing quality, accessible, state-of-the-art healthcare and education to support the unique development of UCLA students. If you are a student's parent or guardian, you should find information on their healthcare and insurance in the Ashe Student Health Information

Are there resources for staff and faculty on this site?

This site is generally geared towards current UCLA students. There are staff & faculty resources available on the site if the resource is applicable to students as well. Please contact Campus Human Resources (CHR) & Staff and Faculty Counseling Center for resources related to staff and faculty.

What if I’m no longer a student, can I use these resources?

These resources are available for currently enrolled UCLA students. Some of the resources on this site have services available for alumni. Please contact the offices you are interested for the current offerings. 

Are the campus resources listed on this website available virtually?

Different resources have varying availability on virtual and remote services. Please check specific websites to find in-person and virtual opportunities.

Where I can I share feedback on Be Well Bruin?

UCLA community members are encouraged to share feedback to help us improve this site for our campus. Please complete our Be Well Bruin Feedback Form to share your insight and feedback.

What if I want to add or update a resource on this site?

We welcome campus recommendations for additional resources! Please complete the Be Well Bruin Website Inquiry Form for additional inquiries, updates and questions about the resources on our website.

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