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Scholarship Resource Center

The Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) helps UCLA students identify and apply for scholarships. SRC offers workshops, individual counseling, and other resources.

General Info

11am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.
Online On Campus 233 Covel Commons, 330 De Neve Drive
Undergraduate Graduate & Professional

Contact Info

(310) 206-2875


  • General information - Find information on how to schedule an appointment with SRC and a list of SRC's upcoming events and deadlines.
  • Contact - Here are ways to contact SRC. One of SRC's counselors will be in touch with you soon.
  • Events - Find here a list of upcoming workshops and events (e.g., Secrets to Winning College Cash) by SRC.
  • Services - Find here information on how to contact your counselors, how to book writing appointments, and details about the kind of workshops SRC holds.
  • Application - Find here helpful information on how to find scholarships, the general application process for scholarships, and more application tips.