Student Health Education & Promotion (SHEP)

Student Health Education & Promotion (SHEP) is an office of Student Affairs that works to promote a campus community that fosters sustainable healthy behaviors, policies and environments in support of UCLA students' academic success and well-being. SHEP offers programs, resources, and community initiatives, often led by their undergraduate Peer Health Educator Interns.

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  • Learn about SHEP, its core values, staff, and more here.
  • Find SHEP's upcoming events here.
  • Learn more about SHEP's commitment to social justice and public health here.
  • Explore the classes, trainings, workshops, and more SHEP offers here.
  • Find a list of campus resources, including a guide to sexual health and healthy relationships, here.
  • You can find information on health and well-being services and programs offered to the Bruin community here at Bruin Connections.
  • If you would like to provide suggestions to SHEP, fill out the SHEP Contact form here.