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211 LA (or 211 LA County) is the hub of health, human, and social services for community members and organizations in Los Angeles County. They can refer individuals to healthcare services, connect people with housing and food resources, and link people to job, education, and financial support programs. They have a 24 hour 2-1-1 call line that can connect you with someone to answer all of your immediate questions, and provide access to a community calendar filled with events.

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24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Undergraduate Graduate & Professional Faculty & Staff Alumni

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  • Food Resources - Learn about food benefit programs, groceries/food pantries, food finder locators, volunteer opportunities, food safety, and pet food.
  • LGBTQIA+ Resources - Find financial support, housing, support groups, legal representation, report a hate crime, and free or low-cost health services.
  • Resources for Veterans - Find advocacy programs, mental health support, healthcare services, housing and shelter information, legal and financial assistance, and employment and education opportunities.
  • Disability Services - Access to screening and assessments, mobility aids, education and training programs, support groups, housing assistance, and advocacy resources.
  • Transportation Resources - Find information about local and long-distance transportation, passes and discounts.
  • Crisis Services - Find information about reporting abuse, health crisis services, emergency shelter, domestic violence, crisis line, safe surrender babies, and disaster resources.
  • Mental Health Resources - Access information about patient rights, treatment, substance abuse facilities, crisis hotlines, support groups, and health evaluations.
  • Housing Resources - Learn about homeless support services, landlord/tenant assistance, crisis shelters, transitional housing, emergency shelters, residential housing, accessibility, and financial assistance.