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Stress & Resilience Wellness Check (STAR)

The Stress & Resilience (STAR) Wellness Check is a survey available to all UCLA students to complete and receive recommended resources. The survey takes five minutes to complete, and students can take it as many times as they like and even opt-in for monthly reminders. The STAR program is an adaptation of the STAND System of Care, created in collaboration with various health and wellness campus partners.

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Stress & Resilience Wellness Check- To use STAR there are four easy steps to take the survey and be connected with resources and a certified coach to support your mental health & well-being.

  1. Create a login
  2. Answer Questions
  3. Read & Consent
  4. Complete Stress & Wellness Check

STAR is an extension of UCLA Stand for All - an appropriate program for individuals seeking to build resiliency, reduce anxiety or address up to moderate depression.